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Don’t worry, y’all - Ric Flair says Becky Lynch/Edge Twitter feud isn’t a shoot

Thanks Naitch.

In case you were worried - or hoping - that Edge and Becky Lynch were legitimately attacking one another on Twitter last week, well, for one thing, you weren’t alone. Ric Flair, who says he’s still getting the hang of “this social media stuff”, was getting upset by it, too.

Unlike you or I, the Nature Boy can make a call and either get to the bottom of or squash the beef. So, as he told Dave LaGreca & Bully Ray on Sirius XM’s Busted Open a couple days ago, that’s what Flair did:

“I had to call Edge up and say, ‘Tell me Becky Lynch isn’t really shooting on you.’ My God, it was pissing me off.”

Edge was able to calm Naitch down, confirming for his fellow WWE Hall of Famer that he and The Man were just working.

Of course, by telling the story on the radio, Flair himself was breaking kayfabe. Or as Bully said, ”Well, you just exposed that one, Ric.”

Which is fine. Most of us figured a lot of the social media back-and-forth was agreed to in advance, if not plotted out completely, by both parties. Hell, Becky’s Twitter bio cheekily reads, “Nothing but work gets done here.”

But if you were enjoying suspending your disbelief and going with the fiction that Lynch and Edge (and Beth Phoenix. And maybe Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, Lacey Evans and all of the Twitter sparring partners The Man’s had since SummerSlam 2018) really had issues?


Listen to Ric Flair’s entire interview on Busted Open here.

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