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Cardi B used to watch wrestling, and the entire business is marking out

Pro wrestling is like any pastime or hobby people got made fun of in high school for being a fan of, or that relatives will condescendingly ask, “oh, you still watch/read/do that, huh?” about if you bring it up at a family get-together.

When celebrities publicly reveal that they’re “one of us”, the community gets excited. If that celebrity is considered to be especially cool AND attractive? Forget about it, we’re losing our damn minds.

Such has been the case with Grammy-award winning rapper Cardi B. Since she made an Eddie Guerrero reference in response to a joke about a clip she tweeted of herself dancing and lip syncing backstage somewhere last month...

... there’s been no shortage of website articles about Cardi’s wrestling fandom.

It took a while - she’s not only one of Time’s Most Influential People, she’s also a mother - but Cardi tweeted again about wrestling last night:

Other than making a lot of us feel old, having a triple platinum-selling artist admit that she “used to watch wrestling” has generated even more online coverage. Especially when a lot of wrestlers, including but not limited to those Cardi name dropped, popped huge for her tweets:

As of this writing Bacardi hasn’t responded to any of these excited responses, but it did take her almost a month to return to the topic in the first place. Plus, the woman is pretty well connected to some wrestling royalty - she’s not gonna be too impressed by a few tweets.

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