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WWE Raw viewership falls off a cliff

This was the expectation, but it’s still jarring to see.

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw garnered some of the lowest viewership in the history of the show. Per the Wrestling Observer, it was a record for a non-holiday episode.

The show drew just 2.13 million viewers, down from last week’s 2.41 million. The hourly breakdown shows a massive drop as the night went on, likely due to the NBA Finals:

Hour one: 2.38 million
Hour two: 2.09 million
Hour three: 1.91 million

The Warriors vs. Raptors game did over 18 million viewers and played out over the final two hours of Raw. They’ll avoid that kind of competition from here on out, considering the NBA season is over by Sunday no matter what happens.

Then again, WWE is still booking Baron Corbin in the main event of the show, building to his challenging for the Universal championship once more. So there may not be much relief next week.

Get the complete Raw live blog for this week’s show here, a recap of all the night’s events here, and a full playlist of all the highlights here.

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