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Lacey Evans gets hit by Matt Riddle’s latest shot at Goldberg

As many have noticed, some NXT mid-card feuds and a few months of walking the ramp didn’t quite prepare Lacey Evans for a Raw Women’s title program that’s headed into its second pay-per-view (PPV) match.

That was made pretty clear on Raw last night (Mon., June 10), and there’s even evidence from after the show went off the air. This clip of the dark segment where hometown girl Bayley ran in to save Becky Lynch from Evans and send the San Jose crowd home happy, shows The Lady not doing her part to make the Hugster’s finisher work:

Another Twitter user shared the same video with a much more NSFW message beneath it, flat out accusing Lacey of sandbagging Bayley. That tweet caught the attention of Matt Riddle, who replied...

If you followed Riddle’s jokes/attacks on Super ShowDown main eventer Goldberg from last week, you get who he’s comparing Evans to here. And you know it’s not a compliment.

We’ll just hope Evans/Lynch II at Stomping Ground doesn’t end up the same way Undertaker/Goldberg did, and continue to marvel at the fact we’re living in a time where WWE wrestlers openly $#!+ on the product WWE produces.

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