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Velveteen Dream questions if talent, not Vince McMahon, are to blame for bad WWE TV

He’s just 23 years old, and he’s only been working his current kayfabe persona since 2017. But NXT’s Velveteen Dream has established himself as quite the provocateur in that time.

Dream is back to stirring things up in the wake of numerous criticisms of the WWE creative process, and the man who makes the final say on what we see on Raw & SmackDown each week - Vince McMahon.

In an Instagram Story, the current North American champion wonders if maybe McMahon’s ideas aren’t the problem. Instead, he compares it to Star Wars, where he believes the issue with the current product isn’t George Lucas’ writing (yes, I know, more on this in a second), but the bad actors he hired to perform it:

An issue with Dream’s “game” here is that George Lucas isn’t writing or directing “the new ones”. He did write and direct Stars Wars movies in “the 90s” when Velveteen thought it was “great”, and most fans thought the franchise was at its low point. So even if you’re buying the theory it’s the wrestlers job to turn bad creative into great television, it’s hard to not see this as anything but trolling from the NXT star.

Do you think Velveteen Dream really believes Vince isn’t to blame for the main roster shows’ struggles? Or is he just working the Instagram marks (and sticking up for his boss in the process)?

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