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Dear God! Look at Kyle O’Reilly’s back after TakeOver: XXV’s tag ladder match!

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If you watched* the 4Way Ladder Match for the Tag Team titles at NXT TakeOver: XXV earlier tonight (June 1) in Bridgeport, Connecticut, you know that Undisputed ERA’s Kyle O’Reilly was on the receiving end of some REALLY PAINFUL looking spots and bumps.

* If you haven’t, go watch it! You’ll squirm and squeal, but it’s one of the better laid out ladder matches I can ever recall watching, and features a great ending.

Early in the match, O’Reilly fell on the side of a ladder. He also had one glance off his back (which was better than decapitating him, which might have happened if he’d been standing up at the time) when it flew through the air as the two guys holding it were suplexed.

It wasn’t long before viewers could tell Kyle was bleeding from his back. While WWE camera crew and producers did their best to make sure we didn’t get a good look at KOR’s wound, he posted a pic in an Instagram story after the match, and,.. OH MY GOD...

Kyle O’Reilly’s Instagram

That’s... that’s not right, y’all.

Fortunately, Kool Kyle was back in the ring at the end of the night and posing for pictures with his faction mates and new NXT champ Adam Cole backstage after the show, so he’s alright. He’s gonna be hurting tomorrow, though.

Anyway, on behalf of all the fans entertained by your work tonight and every night, thanks.

You big air-guitaring d-bag.