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WWE NXT TakeOver: XXV results - Velveteen Dream ruins Tyler Breeze’s homecoming

They didn’t have a lot of time to set it up, but similar gimmicks, the return of Tyler Breeze from the main roster, and the sheer charisma of both men gave Velveteen Dream’s North American title defense at TakeOver: XXV on Sat., June 1 all the backstory it needed.

Both men have had some extravagant entrances at past TakeOvers, but they kept it pretty simple in Connecticut tonight. The champion went all in on psychological games as he slowly removed his puffy shirt and gloves in the ring and hurled them at Prince Pretty. The veteran refused to be rattled.

It was all Breeze early, as he went for an early Unprettier and followed that by sending Dream crashing to the floor. A forearm through the ropes allowed Velveteen to land a few moves of his own, and get a two count on a springboard moonsault. Tyler was the one to head outside this time, and use a similar tactic to crotch the champ on the ringpost, then wrap his knee around it.

The challenger would target the knee, but that only served to anger Dream, who viciously slammed Prince Pretty’s face into the announce desk. He then retrieved the belt and Tyler’s phone for a mocking selfie...

...but Breeze got free, hit a Supermodel Kick, and the action headed back into the ring.

Both men traded big spots and nearfalls, signs of exhaustion showing - as well as a trickle of blood from the challenger’s ear. That may have impacted Breeze’s equilibrium, as he whiffed badly on an enziguri and ended up taking his own move, the Unprettier, for two. After a series of Tombstone counters, Tyler would get his knees up to answer a Purple Rainmaker, then got a nearfall of his own with the Unprettier.

A spinning heel kick could have given us a title change, but Dream rolled out of the ring. Breeze refused to win by countout, and that gave the champ an opening to grab his belt. Prince Pretty ripped it from his hands, then eventually gave it to the referee. But that gave Velveteen an opening, and a Dream Valley Driver and Purple Rainmaker later, and Tyler’s return to NXT didn’t get a happy ending.

In a (small) show of respect, the North American champ eventually gave Breeze back his phone, and posed for the selfie Prince Pretty asked for a couple weeks back at Full Sail. Dream still did a lot of grandstanding, and it’s possible we haven’t seen the last of this feud.

For a complete rundown of everything that happened in Bridgeport, Connecticut tonight, head to our live blog here.

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