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The Bloodline returns on Monday Night Raw next week

It may only be for one night, but The Bloodline is back!

Roman Reigns, the man the Wild Card rule was made to accommodate, is back on Monday Night Raw next week for yet another appearance. This time, he’ll be teaming up with The Usos. The trio, collectively known as The Bloodline for a short time, and promoted as such by WWE, will be wrestling the team of Drew McIntyre & The Revival.

Reigns has been beefing with McIntyre for what feels like forever, but that’s actually part of a larger program with Shane McMahon, who will also surely be making his presence felt. The Usos, meanwhile, have been going back-and-forth with The Revival in recent months.

Naturally, because this is WWE, that meant booking a six-man tag team match.

Here’s what else is scheduled for Raw next week:

  • Brock Lesnar cashes in his Money in the Bank contract
  • Undertaker returns
  • Rey Mysterio relinquishes the U.S. championship

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