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Corey Graves is confused about this Brock cash-in angle, too

Confused by why Stephanie McMahon is angry that Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar didn’t reveal when they plan to cash-in Brock’s Money in the Bank contract, despite the Money in the Bank gimmick being based around surprise cash-ins?

So is one member of the Raw announce team!

Corey Graves doesn’t examine the possibility the McMahons are upset about the whole “BeastBox” thing, but the speakers were only one thing Steph mentioned when she said Lesnar & Heyman had disrespected WWE.

Pointing out how your bosses’ storyline is a mess probably won’t get you a new chair, though, CG.

But if Heyman’s solution to avoiding the McMahons’ wrath works, maybe we’ll get to see Brock wrestle on TV, though.

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