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Jon Moxley talks not wanting to be too negative about WWE, loving Cody’s Double or Nothing entrance

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Jon Moxley isn’t quite done talking about his time in WWE as Dean Ambrose just yet.

Mox was a guest on the June 1 edition of Las Vegas radio station KXNT’s “Flip The Strip” for an interview which largely ended up being about his interview with Chris Jericho on the record-breaking “The Emancipation of Jon Moxley” episode of Talk of Jericho.

A big chunk of the 25 minute talk with hosts Mark Gray and Melinda Sheckells focused on the how the Jericho interview has been received. First, Moxley talked about what he thought the reaction would be:

“I didn’t know what the reaction to it would be, kinda didn’t care cause I didn’t know if people would be like, ‘oh, whatever, he’s a complainer, whatever’. I really didn’t want to come off negative. You know, I’d been doing that in my head for months, cause I knew I was gonna come to Jericho. I had it - I kind of curated the exact stories I wanted to tell to just kind of give a glimpse into, you know, what that creative system is really like, that if you’re not back there, you don’t really know. Fans might think they know, the pundits might think they know, but if you’re not really there, you don’t really know. But now, you’re getting it straight from the horse’s mouth. I was just there - very recently, been in Vince McMahon’s office, you know? I can tell you exactly what’s happening there, so I think that was a lot of the shock for people... somebody needs to say this stuff, and apparently it’s gotta be me.

So I really just wanted to get a lot of that stuff off my chest. I text Chris the next day and was like, ‘dude, I literally feel lighter’. I’ve just been wanting to say this stuff for so long that it was a very cathartic. By the end - at the beginning of the podcast I was a little jumpy. I felt like that, I don’t know how it came off. But by the end, I was lighter... it was just very good. And most of the response seemingly has been positive. I didn’t know how people were gonna - and you can try to like ‘ohhh’ and be a hater or whatever, but I’m just telling you a couple stories. That’s all I was trying to do, you know?”

Then, in an answer which continued to reiterate that he didn’t want to bury his old company (just their creative process), Mox talked about what feedback he’s gotten so far. He also teased a two-and-a-half hour interview he did with Pro Wrestling Torch’s Wade Keller (part one of which is here)

“No, not yet... I really just tried to - the main thing I was worried about was I didn’t want it to seem real negative. But it was a lot of - I don’t know. I mean, you could say that’s negative. I was trying to be objective, as objective as possible. Like almost tell you a couple stories from a third person standpoint, and just let you decide if you think it’s ridiculous or not. But, you know, I think mostly positive.

I did another interview last night, one of the big wrestling website guys [PWTorch’s Keller] reached out to me and made a pretty compelling case, he wanted to do an interview, like a follow-up. He’s like, ‘I have so many questions about this and that,’ and I’m like, ‘ok, but, we’re staying positive, promoting AEW, that’s what we’re doing, don’t get me all riled up’... But he asked me like a WWE question or two and then I go like, ‘oh jeez, dude, I’m telling you...’ and then all of a sudden, an hour later, I’m just ranting stream of consciousness.

So, it’s like not even done hitting the fan yet. And I’m like, ‘oh no, now I’ve jumped the shark. Now I’m gonna be like the negative WWE crazy burial guy.’ But that’s not what I’m trying to do at all. It’s just that I have so many stories that are so unbelievable, most of them I will keep to myself probably forever, or the people who know them. But sometimes I’m just like ‘oh my god,’ and just - because I was so emotionally invested in that place for so long that it’s really easy to get me going on a rant. That’s not my intention. I’m done now though. That’s what I said at the end of that interview. Sorry. Now I’m done, I swear.”

While not being negative may be the goal, answers like this one about how he personally reacted to Cody Rhodes’ Double or Nothing entrance will give ammunition to folks who say he is being “the negative WWE crazy burial guy”:

“I thought it was awesome. I mean, obviously the symbolism or whatever - what he wanted to do with that is symbolize that he’s gonna be a wrestler right now, and not an executive is how he interpreted it. But art is open to interpretation, you know? So if you want to say it was him smashing Triple H’s throne with Triple H’s stupid sledgehammer then that’s what it was to you... I loved it. He said, ‘I got something for an entrance,’ cause he was one of the only guys I saw backstage while I was hiding out, I was hiding out in his little office and he’s like, ‘yeah, I got this entrance,’ and told me what it was and I was like, ‘Oh-ho-ho-ho. High five!’ I loved it, yo.”

Check out the whole talk on “Flip The Strip” here, and let us know what you think below.

Now about this 150 minute Keller interview...

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