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The Riott Squad are starting up their very own reunion tour

Why is WWE breaking up all of these beautiful factions?

This is perhaps the best promo you will see all day that takes place in a dimly lit blue hallway.

Lost in the Superstar Shake-up was WWE placing Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan on Raw while Liv Morgan was quietly ushered over to SmackDown. Thanks to the first leg of WWE’s European tour, Morgan and Riott are back together again.

Where’s Logan? Two thirds of The Riott Squad have the perfect answer to that very question.

There’s something to be said for strength in numbers, especially when it comes to the ever crowded WWE main roster. Hell this past week alone, WWE basically punted on advancing or telling any sort of women’s story lines.

Even for less than a minute, it was nice to see The Riott Squad back together again and doing something with their characters.

Out of Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan, who has the best chance to flourish as a singles competitor on Raw or SmackDown?

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