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At least Harper is getting booked on this show

Good to see you Harper.

Quietly, Harper made an appearance on some WWE shoulder programming this week. When we last checked in with Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze they were embarking on an epic 52 week experiment where the duo played GM mode in the PlayStation 2 game SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006.

Breeze and Woods are now 44 weeks into their journey and on this week’s episode Harper made a brief cameo. Along with his son, dubbed Young Brodie by Woods, Harper cracked wise about his current situation with his employer.

Woods: Be kind to the children man.

Young Brodie: I like SmackDown.

Woods. My man!

Breeze: What? Why would you do that to me?

Harper: Because you’re on Raw.

Breeze: I run a good Raw.

Woods: No you don’t. Don’t let him fool you.

Harper: Do I get booked on this show?

Just out here craving any kind of Harper we can get at this point. Also, shout out to Harper’s older son for saying his Dad can’t be booked on this show, Battle of the Brands, because it’s using ‘old school’ rosters.

Since asking for his release from WWE a little less than a month ago, Harper hasn’t been seen at all. The latest reports point to WWE denying his request and the reported reasons why Harper currently sits in Vince McMahon’s doghouse didn’t really add up.

At 39-years-old hopefully some kind of comprise will come in the Harper situation sooner rather than later.

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