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Roman Reigns says he finally feels the full support of WWE fans

Roman Reigns, you deserve it.

Look, pro wrestling fans are an easy target to take aim at, but the entire community should be commended for their treatment of Reigns over the past several months. Except for a small vocal subset of people, WWE fans have welcomed Reigns back with open arms.

In a new interview with Sports Illustrated, The Big Dog acknowledges the support fans have given him before, during, and after his public battle with leukemia.

“The first time, I was only 22, it felt like a death sentence. This time around, it was nerve-wracking to let people know so much of my personal life, but the response and the support has given me a whole new perspective. My character can be polarizing, but everyone has dropped their opinion on Roman Reigns and supported Joe during this rough patch. That’s been a key part of my comeback.”

Reigns sounds thankful for the opportunity for a fresh start with WWE fans.

Now the next obvious question becomes, how long of a leash will fans give Reigns and WWE’s booking of the character before he once again becomes the most polarizing figure in the sport? How far will Roman Reigns make it before over half of WWE’s live crowds are booing him again?

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