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Daniel Bryan riffing during a photoshoot > Most of this week’s Raw & SmackDown

Can he bring about a tag team evolution in WWE?

Teams featuring guys Vince McMahon himself picked to main event WrestleMania haven’t changed the company’s approach to tag wrestling, so I’m only a little less dubious than Scott Dawson on that score. Daniel Bryan’s changed Vince’s mind about a lot of things, though, like letting him pull double duty to win two belts at the Showcase of the Immortals, and come back from retirement. But pushing tag team wrestling to the top of the card? That would take a miracle.

Then I watch Bryan ad lib in character during the obligatory photoshoot video from after he won the SmackDown Tag titles with Rowan in Louisville last night (May 7). And I become convinced he can do whatever he wants in pro wrestling...

A handful of my favorite bon mots from this three minutes of genius:

- “You look beautiful Rowan! Magnificent!”

- “Listen buddy, Rowan does what he wants.”

- “We’re gonna go out and we’re gonna celebrate tonight. There is some great vegan food - not in Louisville, Kentucky... no, not in Louisville. We’ll find some great vegan food. Maybe we’ll make some great vegan food, how ‘bout that?”

- “Oh yeah, for the pictures. You gotta be perfect so we can sell the people some stuff, huh?”

DB 4 Life, is what I’m saying.

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