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Big E: Many in WWE are aware of past racist comments attributed to Lars Sullivan

A while back, comments allegedly posted by Dylan “Lars Sullivan” Miley to a body building forum before he signed with WWE were discovered and shared around the web. The sentiments expressed in the 2008 - 2013 posts ranged from tasteless jokes to expressing racist, sexist, homophobic & other hateful views. Neither WWE nor Sullivan ever commented, and there didn’t appear to be a direct connection between Lars’ absence from WWE television after his call-up from NXT and the online controversy.

With Sullivan back on television and in the midst of a main roster push, the comments have returned to the internet conversation - mostly due to a reddit user compiling them in one thread here.

It’s important to note that while there is evidence to support the claim that Miley is responsible for the posts, it’s nearly impossible to definitively prove it was him. The reason Cageside Seats didn’t cover the story initially was because as a fan blog without a dedicated researcher or trained investigative journalist, we were unable to conclusively verify the information.

Even the reason we are writing about it now acknowledges the lack of that proof. But Big E responding to a fan to state he and others backstage in WWE are aware of the comments attributed to Sullivan is newsworthy in its own right:

The five-time WWE Tag champ is at home rehabbing a torn meniscus, and hasn’t been shy about speaking his mind on social media in his downtime. He’s also been outspoken on matters of race and racism when it comes to the locker room, and willing to forgive past mistakes when they’re handled honestly and respectfully.

We’ll leave it up to you to read into E’s decision to shine a spotlight on Sullivan’s alleged past statements by replying to this tweet. But it certainly indicates there are people at WWE who have their own opinions.

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