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The Revival aren’t the only ones being hurt by this humiliation angle BS

Geno’s already covered how amazing The Revival have been during the on-screen humiliations WWE is booking for them, allegedly for declining to extend their contracts with the company past next year. A tactic which is probably designed to make Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson look bad is instead turning into a resume builder, as the Top Guys demonstrate both their professionalism and comedic chops while carrying out a script that has thus far mocked them for shaving each other’s backs and falling victim to a crotch-focused locker room prank.

Another problem with this “storyline”, however, is that it ends up impacting more than just its targets.

Outside of maybe Dash & Dawson, this nonsense isn’t doing The Usos any favors. Over the past few years on SmackDown, they’ve gone from mid-card babyface enhancement talent to one of the best tag teams on the planet. After years of being a mix of Samoan and Rikishi characteristics without much character, they transformed themselves into bad-ass hip-hop warriors. Now, they still dress like the Jimmy & Jey who stole shows with The New Day while running the Uso Penitentiary since Day One-Ish, but they’re acting like the bullies in a 1980s teen comedy.

And what about the rest of the Raw tag division? The champs can beat The Revival, but when they’re not doing that, they get squashed. The group doing the squashing, Viking Raiders, have been booked strongly since getting called up from NXT, but does a win over Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder, or anyone involved in the Ucey Hot shenanigans, help Erik & Ivar in the long-run?

It’s not like WWE’s placed a priority on tag team wrestling, especially on their Monday night flagship, any time in the last decade-plus. So you could make the argument this is just par for the course, and not some new low.

But that might be even more depressing.

So let’s just hope they cut this out soon, or shock us all by working toward some kind of payoff that makes sense and doesn’t make the winners and losers of this feud look like doofuses.

That’s not too much to ask... is it?