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Sasha Banks wants to wrestle Tessa Blanchard, but that probably won’t happen for a long, long time

Tessa Blanchard posted a picture of herself at the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia, where Impact Wrestling was taping upcoming episodes of television, to Instagram on Sunday (May 5). Sasha Banks commented “Let’s wrestle” on the post, and the internet noticed...

Tessa Blanchard’s Instagram

A match between The Boss and the current WOW World champ sounds great to us! Unfortunately, the quickest, and maybe only, path to it would be Banks making peace with and Blanchard signing with The ‘E.

Sasha is still at a “stalemate” with her employer, stemming from her allegedly trying to quit WWE over creative decisions for her character and overall booking. She’s been given time off to reconsider her position, but each passing week makes it seem like she won’t change her stance. The company is said to be planning to hold her to her contract and extend it out as much as they are legally able. Dave Meltzer wrote yesterday (Mon., May 6) on f4wonline: “I have a feeling WWE will freeze Banks’ contract so long she’ll think she’s in Antarctica.”

There have been rumors Tessa has heat with WWE, either from her time in the first Mae Young Classic, or an incident at the Performance Center with her ex, Ricochet - but she’s shot them both down. They certainly haven’t hindered her ability to get work, and pushes, elsewhere. It would be surprising if the 23 year old didn’t end up wrestling for WWE at some point, honestly.

Can we get them both there at the same time? Will Banks ever come back, or take up residence at the South Pole?

Stay tuned.

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