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The Revival are doing the best they can with this crap

If there was any real doubt that WWE is drawing up new and interesting ways to embarrass and humiliate The Revival each and every week, that was erased on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Just watch:

I don’t have all that much to say about this, because what do you even say about it beyond the obvious, that this is absolute garbage and all involved in writing/booking it should be ashamed of themselves for it. It’s embarrassing.

What I am here to do instead is give props to Dash Wilder, yes, but mostly Scott Dawson, who took the literal shit that was this angle and stole the show with it. He is legitimately hilarious for the entirety of that segment. What’s more, he’s a professional. He’s been written to be embarrassed — and make no mistake about it, as weird as the world of pro wrestling can be, perception is reality — and there hasn’t been a single second where it looked like he was giving it anything but his all.

Here’s to hoping they find something better once they get away from all this. They deserve it.