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SmackDown’s Lars Sullivan comes to Raw just to destroy No Way Jose

Remember when Vince McMahon said the new Wild Card rule would apply to only three Superstars from each brand?

Well now it’s four.

Just two hours after the rule was implemented, Lars Sullivan came over to Raw and beat the hell out of No Way Jose and his conga line.

At first WWE’s Wild Card rule didn’t make much sense. Limited to only three wrestlers per brand, according to McMahon, SmackDown’s Elias ran in on Roman Reigns’ match with Drew McIntyre, and then Sullivan made an appearance as well.

According to the rule of numerals and mathematics, five is still more than three.

Following Sullivan’s run-in, McMahon tried to explain why The Freak was also allowed to show up on Monday night.

Makes sense?

Kind of.

Sort of.

Not really, but stay tuned next week when WWE may or may not change the Wild Card rule from four to five. Or six. Or seven wrestlers allowed to hop brands.

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