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Braun Strowman shows up on Raw to chase Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn didn’t get to say much this week.

After what has felt like a few months of mocking the WWE fans for being fans, Zayn may have gone too far tonight (May 6) on Raw. Following a comment about everyone in the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio being cowards, Braun Strowman just showed up to confront him.

Why Braun? Why now?

Not sure, but it was great to see The Monster Among Men charging at another human being going full speed again.

Strowman would eventually corner Zayn in the backstage area and proceeded to throw him into a dumpster.

As fate would have it, the late night garbage pick-up showed up seconds after Zayn got dropped in the dumpster.

A Sami Zayn story in three parts.

C’est la vie.

Are Braun Strowman and Sam Zayn going to follow a similar outline to The Monster Among Men torturing Kevin Owens for months on end last year? What does Braun have against Canadians?

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