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Big E’s injury: Bad for WWE, good for Twitter

When Big E went out with a knee injury shortly after WrestleMania 35, it created an opening for Kevin Owens to befriend and then betray his brothers in The New Day. It also meant we got less of his signature brand of sexy weirdness on our televisions, and on Austin Creed’s YouTube channel, since he’s not on the road when they do a lot of UpUpDownDown filming.

It did leave Large Epsilon with more time on his hands to tweet. Which may be driving him crazy, but is very entertaining for nerds like me.

That’s meant a lot of television reviews, live tweeting of combat sports, and occasionally $#!+talking friends like Xavier Woods and Wale. The rest of the time, well, E is aware there might be an issue...

And it’s not like we don’t set him up for things like (almost) taking shots at his employer, or his signature brand of sleazy fun times:

He also gets encouragement with reminders like this that he is not, in fact, the strangest member of the WWE or even SmackDown roster:

This apparently isn’t the first time E’s let his pen flow freely to express his truth, either. Anyone else want to launch a GoFundMe to ensure he finishes this novel?

Or should I say... for Dr. Van Nostrand to finish it?

How to close a post like this? Take it away Big Man...

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