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WWE officials deny Roman Reigns’ request to appear on Raw (UPDATED)

For at least one night, because ratings suck and the Superstar Shake-up was always a farce anyway.

Why is Roman Reigns returning to Raw on Mon., May 6?

In reality, it’s almost certainly an attempt to prop up the plummeting viewership and ratings numbers.

In kayfabe, who knows? He’s got unfinished business in his old yard! Seeing as he beat Drew McIntyre clean as a sheet at WrestleMania 35, then speared Bobby Lashley to win a six-man main event on the Superstar Shake-up episode of the red brand one night before his SmackDown debut, we’re not really sure what that unfinished business could be.

But WWE probably doesn’t know either. They’ll figure something out Monday afternoon.

The big question is: is this a one-night thing, or will WWE float anyone they think will help the ratings back-and-forth between the brands? Becky Lynch has an in-story reason to do it, but the Big Dog doesn’t. Does that matter? Does anything?

We’ll find out more Monday night.

UPDATE: Well, this is more interesting...

My guess? This is the latest attempt to cast Reigns in Stone Cold’s old role as the guy who feuds with the McMahons (he’s chasing Shane & Vince to Raw, they’re blocking his attempt to do so, he will anyway). If that’s it, it would be another case of them responding to crisis by trying to rebook the hot angle from the most successful period in company history.

But at least it’s a storyline reason.

And maybe I’m wrong, and they’ll surprise us with something really fresh and different!

We’ll still find out more Monday night. Or, since the company tells us to “stay with all of WWE’s digital platforms as this story develops,” maybe we’ll find something out sooner.

Stay tuned.

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