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Goldberg announced for SmackDown Live next week

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It would appear as though the Undertaker vs. Goldberg match, scheduled for WWE Super ShowDown on Fri., June 7 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is getting an old school build.

Or something close to it.

While Undertaker has been announced as appearing on this coming Monday night’s episode of Raw, WWE today revealed that Goldberg would be showing up on this coming Tuesday night’s episode of SmackDown Live. This would seem to ensure the two never appear on the same show nor have any contact whatsoever before meeting in the ring at the big event.

That’s a rarity in the pro wrestling world of 2019, where we’re swimming in so much content we’re damn near drowning.

Of course, it’s entirely possible he also shows up at Raw while it’s also entirely possible Undertaker appears at SmackDown. For now, though, this is what WWE is promoting.