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Report: More wrestlers are unhappy with WWE’s creative direction

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The fallout from Jon Moxley’s podcast interview is just beginning.

During Moxley’s over 90 minute sit-down with Chris Jericho, the wrestler formerly known as Dean Ambrose got a lot off his chest about his time with WWE. At many points during the interview it felt more like a therapy session for Moxley rather than just a podcast.

A big takeaway from the Talk is Jericho podcast was just how happy Moxley sounded as he was able to speak freely again. Moxley’s enthusiasm for all things pro wrestling was contagious.

Contrast Moxley’s revitalized love for pro wrestling with recent reports coming out of his tell all interview with Jericho. On social media the account @WrestleVotes has quickly become a reliable outpost for backstage WWE rumors.

Piggybacking off rumors of widespread WWE locker room discontent, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio spoke on the sheer number of WWE stars being unhappy with the company.

“There’s way more that you are not aware of. I would go so far as to say that there are very few people and you can count them on one to two hands, that have not at least inquired regarding what’s outside; including names that would shock you.”

A mess? Would shock us?

With backstage morale a mixed bag at the moment, who from WWE’s main roster would ‘shock you’ if you heard they were looking to wrestle outside of the promotion?