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Stone Cold has advice for wrestlers wanting to leave WWE, talks creative process

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The timing of this Stone Cold Steve Austin response is pretty serendipitous.

Appearing on the Dale Jr Download podcast, Austin just happened to be asked about WWE wrestlers leaving the company. Per him still being Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Texas Rattlesnake gave some interesting advice to any current WWE wrestlers thinking about leaving the promotion.

“But if you got some feelers out there and you’re trying to network other things based upon you having a high Q rating or a lot of television exposure, and you get your hands in different things; do it. Right now this is your bread and butter, but starting planting those seeds right now so when you spin out of this you come out with momentum.”

Stone Cold is talking more about life after wrestling here, but his general point remains that if you’re with WWE it may just be the start of the climb rather than the top of the mountain.

Sticking with the theme of WWE’s creative process making headlines this week, Austin also gave an interesting response on why his former employer is having trouble finding their next big star.

“I didn’t have no restrictor plate on me. Like I had said (now) it’s way more friendly setting and there’s a lot more control on television then back in the day.”

Austin added:

“I don’t say you have to go crazy, just have to turn them loose a little bit.”

Timing is everything, even though if you listened to any of Austin’s own podcast throughout the years, you pretty much know how he feels about the modern WWE creative climate.

Is Stone Cold right on the money here?