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Rusev is not here for your ‘just jump over to AEW’ rumors

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Maybe one of the only pro wrestlers in the game today who can go spot for spot with Big E on Twitter is Rusev.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Rusev has been off of WWE TV for the past few weeks. The Rusev Day gimmick is almost officially dead and WWE punted on the Bulgarian Brute’s run as a babyface before it got a chance to get off the ground.

Perhaps Rusev is just taking some time off or maybe he’s trapped in the ‘creative has nothing for you’ Twilight Zone.

Today (May 30) on Twitter, Rusev took a joke post about new WWE titles and turned it into addressing his own status with the company.

Rusev added:

To top it off, Rusev even commented about the wave of fans encouraging him to jump ship to AEW.


Like many things Rusev related, which in part makes his online persona so compelling, you would have no idea if this comment is a joke or serious, work or shoot.

Here’s to WWE having something for one of the more talented wrestlers on their roster.

Never change Rue Rue.