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You knew Sasha Banks would say something about Jon Moxley

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So a lot of Jon Moxley’s issues with WWE’s creative process sounds very similar to what may or may not be bothering Sasha Banks.

While Moxley had his own personal venting session with Chris Jericho on Wednesday, Banks’ status with WWE remains stuck in neutral. The latest rumors regarding Banks and WWE don’t say much.

When fans last heard from Banks, prior to Money in the Bank, the 27-year-old addressed rumors she quit WWE.

Now that Moxley’s problems with WWE are out in plain sight, will the pro wrestling community throw their support behind Banks’ cause? If not, then why?

Perhaps just commenting on a cute couple’s photo posted by WWE announcer Renee Young, Banks added some words to an Instagram post featuring Moxley on Wednesday.

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To which Banks responded:


“All good things come to those who stay true ❤️”

Still hanging out on Instagram, Banks added this post to her feed.

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Inspirational and true.

Like Moxley, will Sasha Banks ever get a chance to tell her side of the story?

Check out the full transcription of the Jon Moxley tell all interview with Chris Jericho here.