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Triple H responds to Cody Rhodes’ throne smashing, kind of

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This is starting to feel like a war, unless it isn’t.

One thing is for sure, pro wrestling fans (and people in general) love to pick sides on any given issue. For the foreseeable future everything WWE and AEW do will be contrasted against one another.

Last Saturday night at AEW’s first event Double or Nothing, Cody Rhodes fired a shot at WWE with his symbolic smashing of a throne during his entrance. After the event, Rhodes said he wasn’t necessarily taking a shot at Triple H, but didn’t seem to mind if fans interpreted the entrance that way.

To the surprise of pretty much everyone, AEW was named dropped on Monday Night Raw by Sami Zayn this past Monday. If the AEW line was scripted or if it was just Zayn going rogue is still up for debate.

Today (May 30) on the media call for NXT TakeOver XXV, Triple H was asked about WWE’s growing rivalry with AEW.

When asked directly if he will respond to Rhodes’ throne smashing from Double or Nothing, Triple H said:

“For me, I don’t even think about it. I just want to put on the best product possible with this TakeOver. I’m focused on this Saturday’s TakeOver XXV and continuing to grow the brand.”

Sometimes you say a lot when you just say a little.

Knowing WWE, how much time do you think the world’s biggest pro wrestling promotion gives to what AEW is doing?