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Why are we worried about WWE’s WrestleMania 36 plans?

There’s been some discussion around the wrestle web the last couple of days about WWE’s plans for WrestleMania 36.

According to recent editions of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE had planned on Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair for the show in Tampa, Florida. The thinking behind that match goes back to the planning for WrestleMania 35’s main event, which was to use the Triple Threat between Lynch, Flair and Ronda Rousey to elevate two Superstars who could then anchor separate brands.

Now, apparently, plans have changed. We’re getting another round of Charlotte/Becky at this month’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) because while Vince McMahon still has Lynch penciled in as the “top woman” for next year’s ‘Mania, her opponent in Raymond James Stadium on April 5, 2020 won’t be Flair. It also isn’t said to be Rousey, although Dave Meltzer thinks if Ronda was able and willing to come back, that match could still happen.

The identity of The Man’s possible “not Charlotte” opponents is getting some play in social media discussions, and I get it. Speculating is what the internet’s for, after all. Debates about unsubstantiated items help pay my bills, so I’m not gonna complain.

But for every gripe about the lack of depth in the women’s division or hope/fear that _fill in name here_ is the mystery talent planned for the spot, you’ll see a joke along the lines of “they don’t even finish writing Raw until 7PM Monday night... why are we worrying about a show that’s 11 months away?”

It’s funny cause it’s true. And it’s not even just the re-writes, or stop/start booking, or any of the negative things we riff on about WWE. To their credit, they’ve adjusted on the fly for things like last year’s Kofi Kingston title chase. It still wasn’t what really made sense, but even getting Lynch into the Women’s championship picture last year was Vince McMahon changing his original Flair vs. Rousey plan.

So take the rumor and speculate away. But don’t take it too seriously, and definitely don’t fall in love with your Kairi Sane vs. Becky Lynch fantasy booking. Because both the rumor and WWE’s plans will almost certainly change. You know this, and it’ll be nobody’s fault but your own when you’re disappointed it didn’t happen.

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