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Kevin Owens is reminding people how good he is at Twitter

Once upon a time, long before Becky Lynch used Twitter to turn herself into The Man and help force her way into a WrestleMania main event, Kevin Owens made a habit of routinely eviscerating opponents & haters on the social media platform.

He’s not in the game as much as he used to be - partly because some really evil f***s came after his wife’s Instagram & his family, and partly because he was also a pioneer of the tweet-and-delete & “wipe your timeline” practices now used by folks like Velveteen Dream. But with the most recent battle in his war on friendship putting him right back into the “heel who has no remorse because he thinks all his actions are justified” sweet spot where he does his best work, KO is back and occasionally savaging people foolish enough to come for him.

Like this guy:

Or poor, poor Steven...

Welcome back, king.

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