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Memorial Day brings expected drop in WWE Raw viewers

It was a national holiday here in the United States, so it’s not surprising Raw’s recent upswing in viewers swung back down on May. 27.

After Brock Lesnar and Money in the Bank fallout garnered an audience of 2.52 million the week prior, on Memorial Day that number was down to 2.19 million. The rating among 18 - 49 year olds was also down, to .72.

The hourly breakdown shows that most of the people who tuned in for the talk-heavy start of the show stuck around into the second hour, possibly to see if Brock would cash-in. The same can not be said for the “edgier” third hour, for which WWE didn’t announce a main event (the Seth Rollins/Sami Zayn match happened “spontaneously” out of Zayn answering fan questions):

Hour one: 2.27 million
Hour two: 2.25 million
Hour three: 2.06 million

While the viewership number was the lowest of May, Raw’s hours still finished first, second, and fourth among cable originals on Monday night.

Next week... the good news it won’t be a holiday, and Undertaker is scheduled to appear. The bad news is that the red brand will go head-to-head with live sports courtesy of Boston, St. Louis, and the NHL Finals.

Get the complete Raw live blog for this week’s show here, a recap of all the night’s events here, and a full playlist of all the highlights here.

Source: Showbuzz Daily

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