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Will somebody please pick a fight with Aleister Black?

I like Aleister Black. He’s got tremendous physical charisma, and uses his MMA background to great effect in the pro wrestling ring.

The former NXT champ is good on the mic, too, especially considering English isn’t his first language. If there was ever someone the WWE-style promo Jon Moxley recently described as “a bunch of words, a bunch of big words, a bunch of goofy words, none of it makes any sense” fits, it’s the Dark Dutchman.

But we’re weeks into “Aleister Black sits in a dark room and promos to the camera” vignettes on SmackDown, and it’s just the laziest $#!+. We’ve learned nothing about his character, or why he would come into conflict with anyone. So let’s hope his latest is the last one we get for a while...

If you’re someone who didn’t watch him in NXT (or on the indies as Tommy End), what do you think? I wouldn’t be surprised if people confused him with Mojo Rawley, who spent months in a dark room promo-ing at a mirror on Raw.

So, please, do as the man says and pick a fight with him.

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