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Big E needs to be the first guest on Firefly FunHouse

It might even get Luke Harper back on television!

Fresh off a rousing game of limbo on this week’s episode of “Firefly FunHouse”, Bray Wyatt got back to apologizing to people his “old body” feuded with.

Next up... The New Day!

Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston weren’t sure how to handle it...

But our hero Big E knows an opportunity when he sees one, and is willing to use Bray’s desire to make amends to get a friend and former Wyatt back in the company’s good graces:

Not content to leave anything in a not weird place, however, Large Epsilon persisted:

I am both excited for and terrified by the idea of E sleeping over at the FunHouse. He and Ramblin’ Rabbit could definitely bond over their bohemian lifestyles, but then I’m 100% sure Mercy will try to dismember him.

What the hell. Book it.

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