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Brock Lesnar isn’t cashing in right away, and that’s a good thing

Over the weekend, I joined in on busting WWE’s (great) balls (of fire) about the lack of suspense involved in the big angle they were promoting for the May 27 Raw. Brock Lesnar would reveal which brand’s champion he’d use his Money in the Bank contract on, it was said. And since WWE titleholder Kofi Kingston had already booked his match for Super ShowDown & rumors persisted that Lesnar vs. Universal champ Seth Rollins would happen on the Saudi Arabian card, well... assumptions were made.

But those assumptions were wrong. I was wrong. And I’m very glad.

Not only because an ongoing “Brock Party” with tunes from the “Beast Box” letting people know the “Purveyor of Paranoia” is lurking is a lot better than “Mr. Money in the Beast” cashing in for the obvious rematch on the obvious show. And it’s more than just the fun of seeing smiling, dancing Lesnar after so many years of stone-faced, jogging in place Lesnar.

Both are factors, no doubt. But while many of us dislike this fact, Brock is the biggest draw WWE has. Raw ratings support that, and while it’s not public data, trust me when I tell you Cageside Seats traffic and engagement numbers support it, too.

WWE would be foolish not to take advantage. But give them credit for acknowledging that the WrestleMania 34 and 35 storyline of “part-timer who doesn’t respect the business vs. locker room leader” isn’t working for anyone at this point. Especially with the possibility of Lesnar taking off for UFC off the table after his retirement from MMA, something had to be done.

It wouldn’t have been my first choice, but giving him the Money in the Bank briefcase is doing something else. It’s also something else that allows them to use Lesnar’s frequent and lengthy absences from active duty as part of the story in a new way. A way that creates suspense around the top prize on both Raw and SmackDown, in essence allowing WWE to market the possibility that Brock could show up for every show.

Lesnar is now a happy-go-lucky movie monster who could swoop in at any time and ruin our heroes’ good day. When he’s not around, his Advocate and his theme song can be used to instill a sense of dread in not only the characters holding the Universal and WWE titles, but also the audience.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but what I was dreading before was more of the same. Another Money in the Bank contract spent without any suspense, on a Lesnar Universal title match in Saudi Arabia, possibly followed by another year of him as a mostly absent champion. Instead, they’re giving us something different, and that makes sense in-story.

To which I say, crank up that Beast Box and let’s have a Brock Party.

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