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Rey Mysterio to relinquish U.S. title due to shoulder injury

Things looked positive for Rey Mysterio last week. Not only was he finally a WWE Grand Slam champion, but the new United States titleholder Instagrammed video showing him receiving non-surgical treatment for the shoulder injury he suffered while winning the strap at Money in the Bank on Sun., May 19. Seeing as that occurred after reports said he’d visited the Andrews Sports Medicine in Birmingham, it seemed like a good sign for a speedy recovery.

And maybe he will return soon. In the above clip from last night’s Raw (May 27) however, WWE informed us the injury is bad enough Rey will be forced to give up the red, white and blue belt. Samoa Joe, the man who held the title before Mysterio, believes he should be crowned champ since replays showed his shoulders weren’t down when the referee counted three for Rey.

The segment featuring the lucha legend handing over the belt, and Joe expecting it to be returned to him, is scheduled for the June 3 Raw from Austin, Texas. We’ll see how smoothly that goes - and what role Mysterio’s son Dominick, who’s been prominent throughout this program, plays - next week.

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