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Sami Zayn just gave AEW a shout out on Monday Night Raw

Sami Zayn you are a wild man for this one.

During a question and answer segment this week on Raw, Zayn gave a not so subtle shout out to All Elite Wrestling.

“I much rather hold all of you accountable for your crap. Quite frankly. You could ask me anything. You could have asked me about AEW.”

Zayn holding his shocked face after he uttered the letters A-E-W, just made all of this even better.

Question and answer segments between WWE live crowds and superstars almost always bomb, but Zayn went above and beyond the call of duty to try and save this one.

Only two days after AEW’s first event, did you ever expect to hear the upstart pro wrestling promotion getting named dropped on WWE’s Monday Night Raw?

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