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WWE and the wrestling world say thanks on Memorial Day

The United States’ Memorial Day holiday honors the men and women who have died serving the country in our armed forces. It’s also often used as an opportunity to say thanks to all who’ve enlisted the military, and whose job it is or was to stand for the nation so its citizens can do things like have cookouts for their friends and families on the final Monday in May.

The wrestling world is made up of a lot of folks who’ve served, so we here at Cageside Seats want to take a moment to join WWE and others from the business in honoring them. We wouldn’t be fortunate enough to have the freedom and safety to argue about scripted fighting without you. Thanks.

In addition to the above video which will likely air on Raw tonight (May 27), here are some other reflections and expressions of gratitude we’ve seen from around the web. Please add others we may have missed in the comments below.

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