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Road Dogg’s reportedly full-time with NXT now

One item which came out among the many reports of backstage chaos at WrestleMania 35 involved Brian “Road Dogg” James stepping down as lead writer of SmackDown LIVE. Reports varied on whether it was a planned, mutually decided on move, or due to James’ frustration with things like scripts being re-written at the last minute.

Either way, PWInsider has an update on what James is doing now. That site says Road Dogg is full-time with NXT now, working out of the Orlando Performance Center. Insider pointed out a brief appearance during the WWE PC Combine 2019 special which debuted on the Network as evidence.

Obviously, WWE didn’t want to lose another high profile backstage team member to All Elite Wrestling, so finding James a landing spot in the company is a win. It’s not a move that will quell talk of an internal divide between Triple H and Vince McMahon, however. The D-O-Double G joins fellow D-Xer Shawn Michaels, and others like Jeremy Borash, in Orlando as part of a team which Hunter has big plans for when/if Vince leaves the helm of the main roster brands.

Stay tuned.

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