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Rey Mysterio updates his injury status

During the May 20 episode of Raw, WWE confirmed reports that Rey Mysterio suffered a shoulder injury during his Money in the Bank match with Samoa Joe the night before. As the company was promising an update on the status of his newly won United States championship on next Monday’s show, rumors indicated he was in Birmingham, Alabama visiting WWE’s orthopedic team of choice at Andrews Sports Medicine.

Yesterday (May 23), Rey provided an update of his own, with this Instagram showing him receiving shots in his left shoulder at The Lab, a “Human Performance Wellness & Recovery” center back in his home base of southern California. Mysterio references both his real-life shoulder injury and the kayfabe story of Joe’s shoulders not being on the mat when he won the belt in Hartford, Connecticut last weekend:

“So after Sunday’s Money In The Bank match against Samoa Joe which, there’s still some issues that need to be cleared up after that 1 - 2 - 3, but due to the result at the ending of the match I separated a little bit of my AC joint, and we’re doing some PRP sessions here at the lab. Hopefully, this will improve my range of motion, which has been really bad. I got two uranage’s from Samoa Joe. Landed on my left shoulder, put all the weight on it. I’ve been having a hard time lifting up my arm.”

The combination of doctors trying a non-surgical approach to treating him and his referencing the storyline would seem to indicate he won’t miss too much time.

We’ll find out on Monday.

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