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R-Truth provides a very important update on WWE’s 24/7 title

There’s something to be said for the man making the title and not the title making the man.

It just feels like every single time WWE straps gold around R-Truth’s waist, he makes the most of it. The latest example of Truth turning nothing into something, is the 47-year-old’s current run with the brand new WWE 24/7 title.

Despite a lackluster debut, and plenty of reasons to doubt WWE’s intentions, R-Truth turned out to be the perfect person to have a (relatively) long run with the belt.

Today (May 23) Truth provided an update on the title as well as his personal sleeping habits.

This video piggybacks yesterday’s update from Truth where he says he’s on hold with Vince McMahon trying to get the 24/7 rules amended.

Love that Truth buckles the 24/7 title safely into the passenger’s seat next to him.

If any other divisions need a refresh, may we humbly suggest WWE giving Truth a call?

It remains to be seen what the long-term usage of the 24/7 title will be. Though less than one week in, you have to label the WWE’s new 24/7 title a success and a lot of that is thanks to R-Truth.

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