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20 years after his death, the pro wrestling world remembers Owen Hart

May 23, 1999 remains one of the worst days in pro wrestling history.

20 years ago today (May 23), WWE star Owen Hart fell to his death while attempting to rappel from the top of the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri at WWF’s Over the Edge pay-per-view. The incident occurred while a pre-match hype video played on the pay-per-view broadcast prior to Hart’s scheduled match with The Godfather.

Despite the corner of the ring where Hart fell being visibly broken, the pay-per-view went on as scheduled, with viewers being informed of Hart’s death one hour into the telecast.

Hart would have been 54 today.

Two decades have passed and Owen Hart’s memory still lives on. Today many in the pro wrestling community took to social media to both remember and pay tribute to Hart.

In case you missed it, the crew over at POST Wrestling did a fantastic video about the tragedy called Owen Hart’s Final Day: A POST Profile Audio Documentary.

Rest in peace Owen.

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