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I hope Braun Strowman & Undertaker feud over Braun’s hairstyle

In quotes given to the United Kingdom’s Express Sport during the WWE’s recent European tour, Braun Strowman was talking tough about Undertaker.

“Just the opportunity to share the ring with The Undertaker but maybe be the final hammer to nail the coffin shut at [sic] The Deadman, The Monster is up to the challenge. I don’t know how many more retirement matches he can have. I can put him out to pasture like I did to Big Show.”

Not too scandalous, right? Strowman’s in character, and who wouldn’t want to be the last guy to face the Phenom? Braun especially should, since his claim of putting Big Show “out to pasture” isn’t even accurate (The Monster Among Men must not watch SmackDown, the show Show returned to last year after his epic trilogy with Strowman on Raw in 2017).

But word may have gotten back to Taker. Either that, or he just thinks Braun’s braided look is ridiculous. No matter what, I’m pretty sure Strowman’s playful response is a good way to get Tombstoned...

Both men will be in Jeddah next month for Super ShowDown. They already have individual matches lined up, but I’m sure there’s time for a quick interaction to set-up Taker’s next return.

I mean, I don’t really want to see this match. But I do want to see them cut promos about Braun’s hair (“you’re gonna GET THIS BRAID!”, “your stylist should REST IN PEACE”, etc, etc), so let’s do this thing.

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