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Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston are Grand Slam opponents

In a promo that shares a few tears with the one Dolph Ziggler cut challenging him for a WWE title match at Super ShowDown, Kofi Kingston has accepted. The two are set for June 7 in Jeddah:

Ziggler and Kingston have quite a bit of history. And, as worthwhile wrestling Twitter follow Italo Santana points out, their history has often included championships. With the Super ShowDown WWE title match official, the two men will soon have faced each other for all of the belts which constitute WWE’s modern Grand Slam championship:

Night of Champions 2010, for the Intercontinental title
Capital Punishment 2011, for the United States championship
Over the Limit 2012, for the WWE Tag Team titles
Super ShowDown 2019, for the WWE championship

From memory, I know they faced each other for the Intercontinental title more than once, and I feel like there are probably more Tag championship matches between them, considering Kofi’s also had runs with Evan Bourne and, of course, The New Day.

Are Kingston & Ziggler the only two men to have this accomplishment on their resume? I can’t recall others off the top of my head, but I wouldn’t swear to it. If someone’s seen or come up with the answer, share it with the class in the comments.

But even if they’re not alone, this is a testament to both men’s longevity and utility. You have to be around for a while, and be useful to WWE in a variety of different roles, to check off all these boxes.

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