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WWE Superstars have done some curious tweeting & deleting this week

A couple of WWE Superstars took a page from The Big Guy’s old playbook this week, tweeting out controversial statements and claims, then deleting them.

First, Kalisto - who along with his teammates in Lucha House Party has found himself in a program with Lars Sullivan. Sullivan, you’ll no doubt recall, was recently fined and sent to sensitivity training by WWE for hateful comments he posted to a message board prior to joining the company. Kalisto tweeted and deleted a warning to Lars before the company’s punishment was handed down, and before their feud began.

After Sullivan was busted open at Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) while attacking Lucha House Party, commentary portrayed it as having happened because of Lars headbutting the luchador. Kalisto replied to this tweet:

claiming responsibility:

-Yes I did!!! ------ it Wasn’t his head-butt....

— KALISTO (@KalistoWWE) May 20, 2019

That prompted fans to speculate it was Kalisto’s punches prior to the headbutt which caused the cut on Sullivan’s head, and that the damage was intentional. WWE isn’t a fan of their wrestlers getting color in general these days, and certainly don’t want people getting the impression Superstars are going into business for themselves in order to get revenge for non-kayfabe issues. Whether you believe it was the punches or the headbutt which caused Lars to bleed, you can certainly see why he would be told to delete it, or decided to on his own before company officials got wind of it.

While not quite as serious, a similar situation arose in a Twitter exchange between Carmella and Mandy Rose. The two had a storyline going in the women’s ladder match Sunday night which involved Mandy kicking Mella in the knee, “injuring” the former SmackDown Women’s champ in the process. The Princess of Staten Island slamming Rose as an unsafe worker could have been an attempt to get some ‘Reality’ Era heat on Sonya Deville’s partner. But it’s impossible to tell if it’s delivered in-character or not, so Carmella deleted it rather than leave the impression her bosses are legitimately letting untrained wrestlers work PPV:

Screencap via

Both Sullivan & Kalisto, and Rose & Carmella appear to have more on-screen interactions in their future. Will these spice those up, either as part of the work, or in a shoot sense?

Don’t work a work and work yourself into a shoot, brothers, sisters, marks, jabroni marks without a life, and HULKAMANIACS.

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