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Rey Mysterio’s injury leaves questions about U.S. title

Even before WWE announced it on Raw last night (May 20), word was out that new United States champion Rey Mysterio had suffered a shoulder injury at Money in the Bank on Sunday.

Mysterio did not appear on Raw, where it was announced his separated shoulder was being evaluated by WWE medical staff. If that’s a legitimate diagnosis, it’s still difficult to tell when the 44 year old might return. Courses of treatment and recovery time for shoulder separations vary from weeks to months depending on severity, damage to the joint and ligaments, etc.

It was announced that the “state of the United States championship” will be addressed on next week’s Raw, happening on Memorial Day (May 27) in Kansas City’s Spirit Center.

In addition to Rey’s injury, there’s also an ongoing kayfabe storyline about the red, white and blue belt’s status. Samoa Joe, who suffered a broken nose in his match with Mysterio on last weekend’s pay-per-view (PPV), cut the following promo which aired on this week’s Raw. Joe’s shoulders were not down when the referee counted three; as such, he is demanding Rey do the “honorable” thing and return the title to him.

Joe also brings up Mysterio’s son Dominick, who’s been a recurring presence in their program, and who seems likely to get involved at some point...

We’ll keep you posted with news about Mysterio’s status, and see where the angle takes us next Monday.

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