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WWE introduces new 24/7 title, crowns first champion

When in doubt, just add another title.

Sunday night at Money in the Bank, WWE surprised everyone with the announcement of a new title added to the main roster. Including the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, the main roster already had ten titles waiting to be defended.

Rumors swirled on what the new title could be, with Mick Foley appearing on Raw tonight (May 20) to announce what the new championship will be for.

Then Foley unveiled the brand new title and the Albany, New York crowd just booed him. Not only did WWE fans boo Foley and the new title, they booed him on multiple occasions throughout the promo.

Even when Foley announced that the title will be defended across the Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and NXT UK brands, the crowd didn’t even cheer very much.


Foley left the title in the ring while a handful of the locker room’s wrestlers came out and tried to grab it. Titus O’Neil fought off Drake Maverick to be crowned the first ever WWE 24/7 champion.

Then O’Neil immediately lost his title to Bob Roode.

The new WWE 24/7 Championship is exactly like the Attitude Era’s Hardcore title, just with a different name and a somehow much uglier belt.

Update 10:41 PM ET: #AndNew

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