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WWE teasing answers about Brock’s Money in the Bank win; possible spoiler on if he’ll be on Raw

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Unsurprisingly, WWE’s preview for Raw tonight (May 20) leads with Brock Lesnar. The company is teasing answers about how Lesnar ended up the winner of this year’s men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. They also seem to indicate he’ll be using the briefcase for a shot at Seth Rollins’ Universal championship, and give him a new, bad nickname:

Welcome to the era of “Mr. Money in the Beast”
Money is the Beast

In one of the most stunning moments in WWE Money in the Bank history, Brock Lesnar emerged out of nowhere as a replacement to the attacked Sami Zayn and laid waste to Ali to capture the Money in the Bank contract. As a result, Seth Rollins will surely have little time to celebrate his victory over AJ Styles. As if The Beast wasn’t already one of the most dangerous threats to the Universal Championship, Lesnar comes with the complete unpredictability of a Money in the Bank cash-in, whenever he chooses to utilize it. Will light be shed on Lesnar’s latest conquest and how it came to be?

Going after Rollins makes sense. Seth did take a page out of Undertaker’s “How to beat Brock” playbook by hitting him in the family jewels at WrestleMania 35, after all.

When might that program start?

Here be potential spoilers...

PWInsider says Brock is in Albany, New York - site of tonight’s fallout show - and “slated to appear” on Raw. There’s also been talk of a Rollins vs. Lesnar match at June 7’s Super ShowDown in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which has led to speculation the Beast or his Advocate, Paul Heyman, might just use the briefcase to call their shot in advance.

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