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Sasha Banks was a fan of at least some of how WWE booked Money in the Bank

WWE reportedly had plans for Sasha Banks at Money in the Bank, even after she’d stepped away from the company after WrestleMania 35. Whatever those were obviously didn’t come to pass, as it’s now been six weeks since Banks has appeared on our screens. But as you’d imagine, The Boss was a fan of the plans WWE went with last night (May 19) in Hartford, Connecticut. At least the ones involving her friend and tag partner, the Money in the Bank and SmackDown Women’s title winner, Bayley...

Love recognized love, too...

Still no word on when or if Sasha will be featured in a WWE story again. A cryptic gratitude tweet on Friday got her supporters excited, but there’s been no legitimate rumor or official word of reunion between The Boss and her employers.

Maybe, if what Banks was unhappy with was the plans for her and the Hugster, treating Bayley like a main eventer at Money in the Bank was an olive branch from WWE? A sign of what could be for Sasha if she comes back?

We don’t know. At this point, all we know is that she’s happy for her friend.

But we’ll keep watching for signs of something more.

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