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Kofi Kingston is eyeing a future rivalry with Roman Reigns

Maybe the best way for Kofi Kingston to lose the ‘B+ player’ insult lobbed at him by WWE heels is by going over Roman Reigns clean.

Like John Cena before him, the best way to legitimize yourself on the WWE playing field is to beat Reigns in the center of the ring. Sometimes a win over a big name is more valuable than 10 pounds of gold around your waist.

Maybe Kingston recognizes this, or maybe he is acknowledging that as soon as Reigns moved over to SmackDown, a countdown clock began to hover over his head. Reigns is one of the company's biggest stars and it may be hard for WWE to resist putting a title on him sooner than later.

In a new interview with UK’s Daily Express, Kingston talks about the Big Dog in the room and a possible Reigns feud down the line.

“I think Roman Reigns is an incredible talent. Obviously he’s been through so much. He’s a fighter, a guy who has beaten leukemia and now here he is. He’s back for what he loves to do. I love everything about Roman Reigns. I’d love to mix it up with him at some point. It would be great to have a little rivalry with Roman because him and I went at it a bit with The Shield versus The New Day. As far as one-on-one, we’ve never had that.”

Kingston continued:

“So it would be something that the fans have never seen before and obviously he’s, pun intended, a top dog. For me to go up there and be able to mix it up with who the people look at as one of the top dogs in the industry today, I think it would be great. I think it would be great but only time will tell if that happens. I think I need to get through Kevin Owens first before I start thinking about other guys like Roman Reigns.”

Assuming Kingston is booked for a long title run, could a Kofi versus Roman feud lead to one of WWE’s biggest matches at SummerSlam?

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