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Bayley’s so sick of everything being about Charlotte & Becky

From Bayley and her bosses, we’ve heard a lot about the Superstar Shake-up representing a new start for the former NXT, Raw and Women’s Tag Team champion. There’s a story they aren’t discussing, of course - that the woman she helped change the game with in Brooklyn and has spent much of the past 18 months partnered with on Monday nights isn’t with WWE right now and might not be back. But even if Sasha Banks were around and on Raw, the current angle they’re taking with the Hugster should work.

We’ve seen it on SmackDown since she was moved there (and even in her one post-WrestleMania 35 match on Raw). Bayley is tired of being overlooked, and is determined to prove to everyone why she was seen as a star at the end of her NXT run and the start of her main roster one.

You can definitely see it in this online exclusive fallout video, where she talks about being sick of the focus on her fellow Horsewomen, champ champ Becky Lynch and the Queen Charlotte Flair:

Becky’s for it...

I’m hesitant to get my hopes up about my NXT faves who’ve been mis-managed and/or floundered on the bigger red & blue stage, but I’m optimistic here. A Bayley who’s learned the hard way that her original approach won’t cut it is a logical way to revisit the way she rose to the top at Full Sail. Will they stick with it? Can she execute it with live mics and one take interviews?

Here’s hoping we’re about to find out. Win or lose, the Money in the Bank ladder match is a great way to move her story forward.

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